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A guide to Happiness : Sukhothai

Mat Mahathat Sukhothai Thailand

Visiting historical ruins is always an exhilarating experience for me. At times I wish I could time travel and see the era when they were actually constructed and alive. When people lived in those elegant places, when the first stone of huge temples was placed or when the huge monoliths were brought from faraway places using no machines to make the beautiful idols.

In Photos: Incredible experiences of Jordan

Camels Petra Jordan

Jordan was a dream, a dream I often saw with my open eyes. A dream to spend a day like the Bedouins, to light a lamp in front of the treasury in Petra, to read a magazine while floating in Dead Sea, to be lost in the vastness of deserts and to be find myself climbing in the natural bridge of Wadirum. Some of the dreams were realized and some more were added in my wish list.

Chasing the wild in Kaziranga

Elephnats Kaziranga Assam

Well, I’d be the happiest in a jungle, listening to the little movements in its deep silence, observing the amusing wild life. The tall trees touching the sky, the huggable wide trunks of trees, the sun rays filtering through green leaves, the dry leaves of different shades and sizes spreading on the path like a mildly crunchy carpet, while the birds play hide and seek with the other free spirited animals.

My first impressions of Jordan

Jordan is the first middle-east country I am traveling to, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. All I knew this part of world is that it has been facing various troubles. Though there have been no incidents in Jordan after the peace treaty, I would be lying if I would say I wasn’t worried about flying to Jordan. And when I reach here, I found Jordan to be an absolutely safe country to travel.

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