Have bulls, will travel

25.01.2020 0 Comments

On a Hero bike, over loaded with camera equipment and backpacks; we were on a journey to seek stories on the western coast of India. It was incredibly difficult for me to jump off from pillion every now and then; as the weight bag on my shoulder and sidesaddle bags made me do gymnastic every time I got off. But we saw something incredibly interesting by the road, which made us stop. A family of nomads unpacking their bullock carts to live temporarily by the road. We also dropped our bags to capture this bull-selling nomadic tribes.

In today’s digital world where travelers are desperately looking for ways to make money as they travel, I met a family of nomads from Gujarat, which travels together to make a living by selling bulls. Well, their primary motive is not traveling but it’s their unique profession, which makes them travel together as a family. A family, which has grand parents, parents, uncles, aunts and children like a typical Indian joint families. While bulls are the essential elements of agrarian system in India, it indeed matches the market demand and supply.

They were busy unpacking their bullock carts, It had everything one might need to live : from cooking stove, to mattresses, charpoy, vessels and what not! Grandfather lit a smoke to relax himself, grand mom lit the stove to make tea, young women were bringing water from the nearby well, and the men had already started spreading the words that they are here to sell the bulls!

Children were giggling seeing us; we probably looked like aliens to them with our cameras hanging by the side. We were offered tea, not in cups but in plate like the traditional way and we all sat like a big family to have the evening tea together. Slurp slurp..

Juri, the daugther-in-law of family and a mother of three girls. She lifted her veil to get photographed as she saw me approaching her. She allowed me to take her pictures with all her heart. She was smiling at times, and the next minute, she was really intense. As if, she really wanted to see how she looked. I suppose, the small mirror she carried with her, couldn’t give her the right reflection of her beauty and hope these pictures stand tall to her expectation.

Some more images to portray the nomadic life

Head of the family

Grand mom and child

Bulls in Guajrat are tall, strong and visually so beautiful

The mandatory picture to capture the moment and happiness


That was some great encounters with nomads. Did you have a similar experience? Did you shoot any of the tribes from Gujarat, I would love to know.