Life at Hampi

25.01.2020 0 Comments

Curiosity might kill a cat but has always been helpful to me. I photographed these people from Hampi, because I was curious. I was curious to know what their life is like, what do they feel or what are they thinking right now at this very moment. I want to feel life and emotions through different faces; and some of them made an imprint in my mind already.

I approached them with a smile and they offered me their warmth and love. As we got to socialize with locals, they were much more eager to know about my small world. My camera was the medium of communication to bridge the gap of language and culture between us and it brought us within a common comfort zone. I didn’t find them camera shy and all of them loved getting photographed. As I passed by their colourful houses, I could hear these words from all directions – “Hello madam! Photo!’ followed by ear to ear smiles of kids. Here are some pictures taken as I socialize with them-

A ‘Lambani’ lady dressed in a traditional attire, this is called  a ‘High street fashion’ Making mats from Banana leaf, art for the soul of it. As she says, It is the place where lord Ram met Hanuman Kids love to pose for camera here! A cup of tea with local ladies and I realize that they are extremely chatty!! Modernization has changed the clay pots to unbreakable plastic, but the method is still same. In the spirit of festival season, women worshiping for Lord Shiva Master and his baby Elephant Washing lines A coracle boat house? A pair of jute slippers, an acupressure therapy I suppose.. The grass is greener on the other side, and they walk miles everyday to reach here for green grass!! A flute player, he had some remarkable sense of humor Men and birds working together for some good crop next year A rock climber for 20 years

The simplicity of their lives and complexity of Hampi’s architecture have managed to make a million numbers of frames in my mind. Farmers ploughing gold in their fields, birds flying to kiss the sky; coracle riding to cross the river or water sprinkled by baby elephant as it got ready for its evening rituals of worship; such an ambience makes Hampi a visual treat. And the ruins of Hampi are a testimony to its prosperity and culture. I wish for another trip to revive those beautiful memories.

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