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Siem Reap to rejuvenate your soul

The first few things to do in Cambodia were to see the local bazars and get familiar with people and their local food and culture. The bizarre smell of fish and meat products can lead you to old market and it is as colorful as you can imagine.

Turtle Festival- Velas

Velas turtle festival

It is always heartwarming to see a new life coming into the world and seeing its first little steps to a new beginning. My recent visit to Velas, a small village in Ratnagiri District for the turtle festival has changed my perspective.

On the streets of Vrindavan

It was an unique experience to be in a small town where people wake up with the name of ‘Radha-Krishna’, where Rickshaw driver won’t honk if you are in the middle of his way but would instead say ‘Radhe-Radhe’. In fact, all the greeting from Good-Morning to Good Night have been replaced by ‘Radhe-Radhe’.

Valley of Shadow- Sandhan Valley

Sandhan Valley, Maharasthra

I decided to give trekking another chance. I armoured myself like a warrior before a war- bought trekking shoes, a good backpack, and a head-lamp and was all set to go on my first (proper) trek. I was hoping for a few good pictures as well and hence packed my camera and my tripod as well.

Food and Goa

german bakery Goa

Goa has so many things to offer; from its scenic beauty of beaches to river boat rides, from peaceful eateries to the best party places and from modern casinos to ancient Churches. The view of beaches and the feel of sand automatically pulls you to relax yourself on shacks , lay down on sunbeds, enjoy local ‘beer’ with the delicious sea food.

Into the Wilds

Wildlife Agumbe Blue eyed Frog

It was my first experience staying in middle of a jungle, where I woke up to misty mornings greeted by the songs of whistling birds and slept staring at the clear starry sky along with the musical orchestra of frogs and crickets.

Money for nothing, Singapore for Free..

marina sands bay ariel

Singapore has set an example of sorts into holding the position of the top tourist destination in the world with in a few years of its existence. The balance is always followed, Singapore might not be blessed with a plethora of natural beauty but they do have top-notch technology which has resulted into mesmerizing manmade attractions.

Life at Hampi

Master and his baby Elephant, Hampi Karnataka

I approached them with a smile and they offered me their warmth and love. As we got to socialize with locals, they were much more eager to know about my small world. My camera was the medium of communication to bridge the gap of language and culture between us and it brought us within a common comfort zone.

20 years of Rock Climbing

He says “India is one of the freest countries I have ever been to. I can do anything I wish to, which of course shouldn’t harm people around. I have lived in caves for a month or so many times, doing Yoga, Juggling and Rock-climbing. And no one ever bothered me or tried to intrude my spiritual exercises.”

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