Walnut trail by JW Marriott Mussoorie

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After having spent around a month in a Kumaon homestay and the wild, it was a risky decision to go back so soon again and limit myself within the boundaries of a resort but Walnut Trails by Marriot Mussoorie was different, because it curates the experiences, gives you the comfort and doesn’t let your adventurous spirit diminish.

Here are my favorite experiences of the Walnut Trail-

As offbeat as you can imagine, Bhatoli was such a pleasant surprise specially when I rode to the village on a Royal Enfield as pillion. The small village has almost 40 houses and all of those are decorated with Bhuttas(corn) outside, the actual reason was to dry the bhuttas in sun and to make the corn-flour. However, it was spectacular to see almost 200 years old wooden houses like that and being hosted in one of them for lunch was indeed a privilege.

Corn hanging outside the homes at Bhatoli village

Our host at Bhatoli village

  • Breakfast by water stream/Farm fresh

I ate like a queen during the breakfast every day and the Marriot took the effort to make each one of those mornings special and unique. The breakfast by the water stream was like a dream, I could enjoy my favorite cuisine sitting in midst of nature. The whole experience of music, water stream, mountains and trek was exhilarating. Marriot Mussorie has their own farm, with a variety of vegetables and fruits being grown and served during Farm fresh breakfast! Could you ask for more?

Breakfast by the stream

Farm fresh breakfast

Italian on the plate

Mussoorie may steal the limelight, but Landour has a charm that makes it stand out in its own right. Technically about 2 kilometers from Mussoorie, it is named after a tiny Welsh village, Llanddowror! It was the custom, during the British Raj, to name towns after those “at home” being homesick and nostalgic of the motherland.

JW Marriot organized a Heritage walk and what an intriguing walk it was! Landour has a few buildings of architectural and heritage value: the Clock Tower, the Kellogg’s Church, the church of St. Paul in Char Dukan.

Kellogg’s Church

Marriott organized some interesting events  to allow us have a deeper insight in the past of Mussorie/Landour.  The very first day we got the opportunity to see the exhibition of a collection of photographs by Mr. Gopal Bharadwaj.    The picture were not only though evoking but also very rare to find.

Later we went to Mr. Ganesh Salil’s home at Mulingar for a book reading session. I wouldn’t call it a typical book reading session; It was rather one of the most interesting conversations I have had. The famous author of four books invited us in his beautiful house to share the untold stories of how Mussorie and Landour was born; and the stories of charismatic British heroes who were responsible for making the town what it is now. He also read his upcoming book: a collection of stories he personally knows of Ruskin Bond.

Mr. Ganesh’s home at Mulingar

Photo exhibition

Collection of photo albums and managzines

While I truly enjoyed the Italian and pan Asian cuisine served at Marriot restaurants, but it would have been a crime not to eat Garhwali food when in Mussoorie. The local ladies from the village cooked the authentic food for us, which worked as icing on the cake as my last meal in the property.

Garwhali lunch

Have you had a similar experience of local food and culture while staying in a resort? I would like to know the same.