The other side of Kanyakumari – Anantya Resorts

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Driving in the rolling hills of rubber plantation, Mr. Mohan took me away from the humdrum of city life. My eyes were set on the tall trees and green canopy of rubber trees while Mr. Mohan kept checking on me whenever he had to apply the break suddenly, to see if I am okay? I …

Why I blog?

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It has been almost two years since I started writing blogs. I often think about what made me start a blog? Why I blog? Do I consider myself a good writer? No, but I aspire to be one. I want to read as many books as I can, and get inspired from the words of …

DA Travelography – Travel Blogger & Photographer from India

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Tugging ropes and bellowing chants could be seen on Fort Cochin, the huge structure is Chinese Fishing nets- a century old tradition I distinctly remember when I heard about Kerala Blog Express from a season 1 contestant and the idea of getting on a customized bus and travel from south of Kerala to its north …


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At Mahabalipuram the 20 feet high and 5 meter wide rock estimated to weigh over 250 tons seems to pull off a balancing act like no other. Known locally as Krishna’s Butter Ball is not a rock that stands on an extremely small and slippery area of a hill. Narrating the glorious tale of this …

The smell of the travel

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The smells we encounter on the road probably rate as our most intense­ and lingering travel experiences, but often, it gets overshadowed by our other senses. We are often in such a rush, following a touristy trail or following a lonely planet guide that we forget to stop and feel, and let your senses fully …

How to establish yourself as a travel photographer

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We all travel and we all take pictures, so what is it, which defines or separates a ‘Travel photographer’ from a hobby photographer. Let’s decode the process of travel photography and learn the art and science behind it. Disclaimer: Earning money in photography is not easy, especially in Travel photography. If you want to keep …

In the majestic land of Chettiars

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In the auspicious month of Pongal, I escaped to Chettinad in pursuit of knowing a close-knit community of Chettiars and tasting the Chettinad cuisine.  Sivaganga district, 500 km from Chennai, is home to the Chettiars, once one of the richest communities in the country.  The decades before 1950 were when the Chettiars, also known as …

Valley of Shadow- Sandhan Valley

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I believe in challenging myself to overcome my fears and Trekking has been one such area for me of late. I had partially exposed myself to the rigours of trekking in the rain-forests of Agumbe ( to try and see the sunset from the top of a hill. Like a typical debutante, I fell 4-5 …

Siem Reap to rejuvenate your soul

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Rarely does a place ‘abroad’ gives you absolute freedom with a sense of familiarity, Siem-reap was something like that. This destination is in the list of every travel photographer given its grandiloquent temples and serene countryside and so obviously, it was on my list as well. Due to last minute changes in the plan; it …