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In the majestic land of Chettiars

Chettiar mansions are cluster of approximately 25,000 mansions in 73 villages and I was fortunate enough to explore Karaikudi, Kandukathan, Athangudi and Pallathur.

Rediscover Bikaner

Bikaner Rampuriya haweli

I feel myself fortunate to have discovered Bikaner on an invitation from Narendra Bhawan and I truly feel this city is waiting to be discovered by Indian vacationers. And seeing these pictures and post, hope you would agree with me too!

Himalayan Naari

These ladies come from different background, age and caste; they are working together to make their dreams come true and I was amazed to see them work with such a zeal and determination, though the income is really limited.

Golden chariot- The luxury train in South India

Golden Chariot Luxury train

So, as when you plan to board the train; let all your worries go away! You would be well taken care of. There is no hidden cost, not even a penny extra you need to pay once your tickets are done.

Un-Holi and Un-safe in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

Apparently they were all following the age-old tradition when Krishna teased Radha and her friends on Holi and many stories and songs were written about them. But I am sure Krishna wouldn’t have grabbed, groped and outraged the modesty of Radha and her friends!

Haji Ali and the joy of equality

I have been keenly following the story of women’s ban on entering the inner sanctum of Haji –Ali and as when the ban was lifted I planned a day out to shoot without any physical or mental barrier.

Koli women, fish and tattoos!

Vanakbara port Diu fishing Market

For Koli women the tattoos are considered to be a mark of recognition by God. They believe that after death , at the gates of heaven, a woman is asked “do you bear the mark of God or are you sneaking in?”

Heritage homestays of Goa

The sunshine yellow Portuguese houses still stand strong to foretell the golden history of Goa, a beautiful confluence of culture, art and religion.

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