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Tugging ropes and bellowing chants could be seen on Fort Cochin, the huge structure is Chinese Fishing nets- a century old tradition I distinctly remember when I heard about Kerala Blog Express from a season 1 contestant and the idea of getting on a customized bus and travel from south of Kerala to its north …

How to establish yourself as a travel photographer

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We all travel and we all take pictures, so what is it, which defines or separates a ‘Travel photographer’ from a hobby photographer. Let’s decode the process of travel photography and learn the art and science behind it. Disclaimer: Earning money in photography is not easy, especially in Travel photography. If you want to keep …

In Photos: Asia’s biggest flower market

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I have never been so content about being in a metro, Calcutta is indeed charming.  And after living in Delhi and Mumbai, I found the pace of Calcutta is just perfect for me. In a very quick trip to Calcutta, I went for a morning stroll in the old city specially the famous Mallick Ghat …

20 of my best travel photos from the temples of Cambodia

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On my first day at Siemreap, I was clueless as to how many days I would need when it came to photographing the temples and surroundings. My options were to buy a one day pass, three days’ pass or 7 days’ pass. While I am more into photographing people, I didnt want to miss the …

Incredible experience of Meghalaya In photos

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Meghalaya the ‘abode of cloud’, a state rich in culture, nature and natural resources.  I traveled to Khasi and Jaintia hills, and how badly I wanted to explore Garo-hills as well.  After listening to the warning from different people, I decided to go solo and figure out the hidden treasure of this beautiful state. Since …

In Photos Arunachal – the land of rising sun

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Arunachal, a state which seemed too far from my reach till last month; now I know a lot more about it while travelling from West to East over three weeks. It is true that the best of the places in India are tucked in far away regions. Travelling in the mountains is at times bone-breaking …

Why do I embrace social media as a photographer?

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We all love posting images on Facebook and Instagram to show others our pictures from a recent trip, our latest assignments or the glimpse of an on- going project. But the bigger question is how do we utilize social media to help us grow our brand? But we should ask first ourselves if we are …

Why do you need to create a photography website or blog?

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Before I start on how, it is important to know why you are doing something. So lets start this post with a question ‘Why do you need to create a photography website/ blog?’  Especially when you are creating a blog, it requires a constant effort to maintain it. So let’s talk about why do you …

A guide for women photographer traveling solo to India

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While I am still explaining it to my family and friends in India as to why I travel solo, and how I am ensuring my safety; I decided to pen down my personal experiences and recommendations for the benefits of  other women.  I often interact with foreign travelers to gather their views about traveling in …