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Goa, the yachting destination of India

Gone are the days when people think of traveling to Thailand, Virgnia Island, Mauritius , Hawai for the sailing express; Goa has emerged as  the Yachting destination of India with all possible luxury and comfort. My yachting experience began with Thailand while being guest of Hive by Andaman Passion. The Yacht took us to the secluded islands for snorkeling and the white sand virgin beaches. The extremely pleasant experience, made me willing to explore more about the yachting in India as well.

Yacht Thailand

Sailing as a form of transportation and for fishing has a very long history in India, owing to the
large coastline and many rivers. Vessels from all parts of the world sailed to India down the ages
for trade and many Indian sailors served on these ships. Sailing as a sport in India can be traced
back to the first recorded race being sailed on the 6th of February 1830 in the western city of
Bombay. Till the time the British left India in 1947, there were five active sailing clubs located at
Bombay, Madras, Bangalore, Barrackpore and Nainital. Among the entire destination Goa has
emerged as a great sailing and water sports destination as well. The influx of tourist helped to
Yachting industry to thrive in Goa.

Hive By Andamand passion

The companies like  GoaYacht offers exclusive services to hire a private yacht for the special evenings, parties and weddings.  Secluded in the middle of the sea with thumping music, great company and a magical atmosphere, Boat Parties are catching up across the globe, including India!  Ibiza, Prague, Croatia and Cannes are some of the most popular boat party destinations today. Let yourself loose and dance to the DJ’s electrifying tunes while soaking up some sun atop a private boat. The yacht offers array of International cuisine to cater the requirement of Uber Indian as well foreigners.


Nothing can be more romantic and cozy than getting into a luxurious yacht. Being privately owned, there is always a sense of exclusiveness to it. It is not just about having a wedding in a yacht or going on a honeymoon. It is just for that once in a lifetime holiday with your significant other or your close friends, on the sea or along the river.

Yacht Thailand food
These luxury yachts in Goa which takes you to islands, villages, bird sanctuaries in Goa – some places that are usually off the regular tourist circuit. Take a pick – sea or the river and a destination of your choice. This is your own private journey and you can go wherever you like – an island of your choice or just aimless journey, feeling the wind in your face. So if you are someone who makes an annual visit to Goa and  looking for something new to explore, then jump into Yachting scene of Goa and enjoy the day with someone special.

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