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My 2016 travel wish list

Mount Bromo Indoneasia Tourism

Dear Santa,

I know you don’t exist but I often think about visiting North Pole to verify it and hoping I bump into you!:)

I have some amazing plans for Christmas to spend time with my three little nephews. I have plans to be a good Santa and buy some pretty gifts for them. It’s so exciting that I would experience Delhi winters (and pollution) after a long time. I can’t wait to relish the Delhi cuisine and its famed street food. In this excitement, I don’t want to forget about my ‘wish list’ for Christmas, and it’s rather a long one.

Making a list, always help to track what I want to achieve, and how I can continually work to make it real. And yes, I look forward to complete my travel goals year after year. Life is short, and I always have this sense of urgency to visit places I want to. The list is indeed endless, but there are some places which appeals to me more than others. These places always remain in my mind for different reasons: some of these I might have seen in magazines or on my Facebook feed or seen a travel photo which I found larger than life, or perhaps in a well written blog by fellow blogger; or I might just be simply charmed by these places and its people.

Well, I know you may not be real, but dreams do get real, and this is what 2015 taught me. I could visit Spiti, Jordan and many other amazing places in 2015, and here goes my list for 2016-


  1. Arunachal Pradesh, India

I have always been fascinated with the northeastern part of India, my travel to Meghalaya, Assam and Nagaland brought me some of my best travel experiences and memories. When blogger and photographer Neelima Vallangi visited Arunchal Pradesh, going through her enchanting travelogues and articles kept me day dream about visiting Arunachal Pradesh over a long and slow journey to cover Tawang, Ziro, Annini, Along and all the small, unknown and hidden villages. Here you find Neelima’s travelogues.


  1. Snowcapped mountains, Uttarakhand

I am hoping for this to happen soon! The itinerary is ready and so is the list of places to stay, all I need is to book a flight and fly. I have been so fascinated lately by the mountains of Kumaon region. The unearthly charm of mountains, laid back life style, the jungle trails are calling me, and I need to go there soon. However I made a point to myself, I need to see snowfall. I need to experience the mountains covered in the magical white sheet.


                                                    Photo courtesy : Subhradeep Saha


  1. Jodhpur, India

Some pictures keeps popping up in your mind, such is the picture taken by Steve McCurry of the blue city, Jodhpur. It is indeed one of my favorite pictures in its cool blue colors. And I simply can’t wait to capture this city.

Steve McCurry

                                                  Photo courtesy : Steve McCurry Official


  1. Bhutan

As they say it is the happiest country in the world, and I am absolutely convinced it is true. Bhutan seems to me like this dreamy Utopian place where everyone is happy, healthy and living life like in a paradise. This is an image in my mind of ‘heaven’ and I really hope the bubble doesn’t burst when I actually reach there. I so wish to make a journey across Bhutan to understand its people, culture and mountains. I hope to soak in some happiness for myself, or may be spread a little on the way 🙂

Bhutan Tourism

                                                 Photo courtesy : Bhutan Tourism Board


  1. Mount Bromo, Indonesia

I have not seen an active volcano ever, so probably this might be a start. I met an American photographer and he was explaining his journey through Indonesia. And since then, I have been thinking to hike one day, at 1 am, to see the sunrise on Mount Bromo.

Mount Bromo Indoneasia Tourism

                                                                 Photo courtesy : Remote lands

Can you beat this picture? <3


  1. Iran

We always have some perception about the central Asian Muslim countries that they might not be so safe to travel solo, and the perceptions are mostly broken when you actually visit the place. Recently, I read the blog of a solo traveler Silvia  (blogger at Heart my backpack) who managed to travel to Iran and had an amazing time there, here is an account of her journey. And I have this inclination to visit the countries of this part of the world and know more about its people, culture and cuisine. I had some amazing time in Jordan, and was surprised to see how liberal and tourist friendly it was. This gives me an assurance that traveling to Iran would be absolutely safe and I can’t wait to relish its cuisine and architecture.


  1. Tribes of Ethiopia

Yes, I am talking about Omo valley. I don’t know how and when would I reach there but Omo valley is something which I can’t stop reading about. The brilliant captures by Ami Vitale made me have this desire to know a world which is so different from ours. Someday I wish to click all the indigenous people across the world and hope Omo valley would be a great start to that project. Here is my dream expedition trip to Omo Valley by National geographic Explorer to travel with award winning travel photographer Ami Vitale.


                                                                   Photo courtesy : Ami Vitale


  1. Romania

Romania is like a fairy tale, where I want to picture myself. Those doll houses, pumpkin fields, canals and pretty churches; it is like a dream land. Last year Indian blogger Shivya (blogger at The Shooting star)traveled there and I was keenly following her journey, here is a superb account of her experiences of Romania.

But what kept me restless are these pictures shot by one of my favorite photographers Mitchell.


                                                           Photo courtesy : Mitchell Kanashkevich

Do I need to say more?


  1. Peru

Knowing the history across the far world and following the footsteps of Inca civilization is part of every traveler’s bucket list. Somehow I know it’s going to be very touristy and I might not like it as much as I think about it but I got to go and strike it off my bucket list. National Geographic mission explorer is running a contest and sending three people to Peru, who knows I could be the one 🙂

Find out more about mission explorer, if you haven’t entered yet!


  1. Iceland

Well, does one need to provide a reason to visit Iceland? 🙂


Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 9.52.44 pm

                                                   Photo courtesy : Iceland Tourism Board


P.S. I have been trying very hard to be a good kid this year, at least negotiate before you reject 😉



  1. Interesting list and I feel definitely you will be at these places this year. A gentle reminder,;You have left out Wayanad from the list :). All the best.

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