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My first impressions of Jordan

It is my fourth day traveling in Jordan and I am sitting here in my Hotel Kempenski, Aquaba; thinking about my time in Jordan over the last few days.  I stole some time to write my first impressions of Jordan, as first impressions are important and it may change by the end of the trip or in my next visit to Jordan.  So I want to write my heart out, what I felt in the last few days.


Jordan is extremely safe to travel

Jordan is the first middle-east country I am traveling to, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. All I knew this part of world is that it has been facing various troubles. Though there have been no incidents in Jordan after the peace treaty, I would be lying if I would say I wasn’t worried about flying to Jordan. And when I reach here, I found Jordan to be an absolutely safe country to travel. The cities as well as the remote areas have very tourist friendly environment. The crime rate in Jordan is very low and it is considered safe to travel in day as well as night. The security in hotels is just appropriate like India or any other country.

Kempenski, Aquaba
Kempenski, Aquaba

Jordan has a lot more to offer than we know of

Visiting Petra for the first time completely blew my mind. There is way more to Petra than just the iconic shot of the Treasury building. There are so many ruins, so many hikes, and one can stay for a full week and see new things every day.  Moreover there are so many layers of history in Jordan that one can soak in the beauty of it for days exploring different parts of Jordan. The variety of landscape, history and culture is just incredible. I loved being in Jerash ruins, seeing one of the crusade castle in Ajloun, exploring the desert of Wadi rum and lot more to come from Biblical history in coming days.

Citadel, Amman
Citadel, Amman

Jordanians are very friendly and warm people

People of Jordan are so lovely and in these few days I have made so many beautiful memories. As per the government policy everyone should go to school till class 12th, so most of the people are educated and can speak English. Jordanian people know very well how to welcome their guests. The expression of their hospitality can be seen when they serve you food. And much like India, they love to feed their guests till you are full up to the brim. And I would be writing post about the Jordanian cuisine. I learnt a lot about the Bedouins community being in Jordan, and should tell you soon about their nomadic life.

Mohmad, a bedioun man in petra
Mohmmad, a Bedouin man in Petra




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