5 Epic Christmas Getaway Ideas

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I can already hear the jingle bells and have already started enjoying the Christmas decoration by the streets. It’s that time of the year when the weather is the most pleasant, the mood is all-cheerful, and air smells of bakes and cakes. For people who live to travel, Christmas is just another excuse to go …

The other side of Thailand : Chiang Mai

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When I talk about my trip to Thailand, everyone assumes that I am off to Kho Phi Phi or Phuket. Thailand has such reputation among the travelers; they can only imagine the emerald beaches of Thailand, while there is another magnificent side of it which is at up North. My first memories of Chiang Mai …

Kerala Blog Express

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Kerala is also known as God’s Own Country, it is the land of beautiful backwaters, palms and lagoons, tigers and elephants, and the land of rich tradition is one of the most sought after places by visitors all across the globe. The state is stacked with lovely places on the earth and that’s why they …

Have bulls, will travel

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On a Hero bike, over loaded with camera equipment and backpacks; we were on a journey to seek stories on the western coast of India. It was incredibly difficult for me to jump off from pillion every now and then; as the weight bag on my shoulder and sidesaddle bags made me do gymnastic every …

Life at Hampi

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Curiosity might kill a cat but has always been helpful to me. I photographed these people from Hampi, because I was curious. I was curious to know what their life is like, what do they feel or what are they thinking right now at this very moment. I want to feel life and emotions through …

On the streets of Vrindavan

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It was an unique experience to be in a small town where people wake up with the name of ‘Radha-Krishna’, where Rickshaw driver won’t honk if you are in the middle of his way but would instead say ‘Radhe-Radhe’. In fact, all the greeting from Good-Morning to Good Night have been replaced by ‘Radhe-Radhe’. It …

Food and Goa

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Goa has so many things to offer; from its scenic beauty of beaches to river boat rides, from peaceful eateries to the best party places and from modern casinos to ancient Churches. The view of beaches and the feel of sand automatically pulls you to relax yourself on shacks , lay down on sunbeds, enjoy …

Kinnaur- The stories of half Man-half God

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Kinnaur, The Devbhoomi (Land of Gods), disrtict of Himachal which has been bestowed by God with the divine beauty. Most of the Kinnaur region has beautiful architecture, where we see amazing wooden houses which last for hundreds of years and a very good option for the people who have to spend most of the year in …

Into the Wilds

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There is so much beauty around us; all we need are   eyes to see the beauty, ears to listen to their musical symphony and the heart to appreciate the same. Mostly on my trips I enjoy the variety and diversity of a place, which could be culture, food, people or behaviour. There are beautiful landscapes, …

The snake boat race of Kerela

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Sitting on the front row on wooden benches around the Pampa River, I adjusted my camera gear to capture one of the oldest boat events which turned into a sport in 1972. For the month of September, It was too hot and to ensure a seat, I had to reach early. I saw a couple …