An escape to country side of Cambodia

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A journey into the countryside to experience delights of village life in rural Cambodia is a must do things. It is very likely to get exhausted doing the temple run continually and you want to walk away from all the touristy trails and see the real Cambodia. I chose to visit village market, Angkor Silk …

20 years of Rock Climbing

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He says “India is one of the freest countries I have ever been to. I can do anything I wish to, which of course shouldn’t harm people around. I have lived in caves for a month or so many times, doing Yoga, Juggling and Rock-climbing. And no one ever bothered me or tried to intrude …

Jordan, here I come

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A few weeks ago I watched this video from Jordan Tourism made by a brilliant videographer Casper Daniel. I was so hooked to it and the ethereal beauty of Jordan. And now I have a news to break ‘ I am going to JORDAN’. Do dreams get real? Yes, they do..  🙂                                                                             Image Courtesy …

Chasing the wild in Kaziranga

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As a traveler, you’d often hear this question where people would want to figure your ‘personality type’ or perhaps as a conversation starter: “what do you like most mountains or beaches?”  Well, I’d be the happiest in a jungle, listening to the little movements in its deep silence, observing the amusing wild life. The tall …

Goa Untraveled : Farm stay in a tropical spice plantation

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I just came back from a very relaxing holiday from Goa, and yet again; no beaches! After back to back travel assignments for photography and other projects, I realized I needed a ‘nothing to do’ break and also home-like comfort. I feel lucky to have experienced a spice plantation in Goa and stay in a …

Turtle Festival- Velas

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It is always heartwarming to see a new life coming into the world and seeing its first little steps to a new beginning. My recent visit to Velas, a small village in Ratnagiri District for the turtle festival has changed my perspective. In the beginning, I could barely understand the gathering but as I spent …

Money for nothing, Singapore for Free..

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Singapore has set an example of sorts into holding the position of the top tourist destination in the world with in a few years of its existence. The balance is always followed, Singapore might not be blessed with a plethora of natural beauty but they do have top-notch technology which has resulted into mesmerizing manmade …

In Photos: Asia’s biggest flower market

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I have never been so content about being in a metro, Calcutta is indeed charming.  And after living in Delhi and Mumbai, I found the pace of Calcutta is just perfect for me. In a very quick trip to Calcutta, I went for a morning stroll in the old city specially the famous Mallick Ghat …

Un-Holi and Un-safe in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

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I was born in Lucknow and grew up in Bareilly and so, there is no doubt about my perfect UP roots. I did choose to leave UP, as I had enough of eve-teasing and living in the constant fear of my safety. However, I decided to go back to visit Barsana and Nandgaon (near Mathura) …

5 unique cities to travel in Indonesia

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Being a photographer I always seek for a variety of landscape, cultural flavor, rich heritage as well as festivals. And after Taiwan and Thailand, I am making plans for next year to explore another Southeast Asian country. Well, let me get straight to the point, I am planning for a big Indonesian trip in upcoming …