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Hampi- Photographer’s paradise

The simplicity of their lives and complexity of Hampi’s architecture have managed to make a million numbers of frames in my mind. Farmers ploughing gold in their fields, birds flying to kiss the sky; coracle riding to cross the river or water sprinkled by baby elephant as it got ready for its evening rituals of worship; such an ambience makes Hampi a visual treat. And the ruins of Hampi are a testimony to its prosperity and culture. I wish for another trip to revive those beautiful memories.



  1. Pass on my hug to her as well :). I love coracle rides, thguoh they can be scary… But what’s a dumping or two to someone who has been on a fortnight-long rafting expedition on the Brahmaputra without knowing swimming? :)Just imagine the strength of the coracles – and to think that they are hand-made! I’m proud of them.

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