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On the banks of holy Narmada- Omkareshwar

The sacred and purifying Narmada meets the fast flowing Kaveri at the sangam, or confluence, of these two rivers. Located on the westernmost part of the island of Omkareshwar, this narrow projection of land at the meeting point of the streams is covered with stones of all sizes shaped like shivalingas. This island and the river are shaped like “OM” and that is how it derives its name. It is a natural phenomenon. The devotees who go round the temple consider themselves blessed because they are doing a Parikrama or Circumambulation of Omkara itself and Darshan of the holy JyotirLinga.


The place is great resort for photography lovers, though I had only a day to spend I am satisfied what I got from my quick shoot. The people are extremely camera friendly, and don’t shy away from sharing their life stories.


Cow Omkareshwar Madhya Pradesh TempleHoly Cow



Ghats Omkareshwar Travel photos Rock formation near the ghats



IMGL5217The view from the bridge


Narmada river Travel photos women swimmersThe swimmers on the bank of holy Narmada



Indian culture Hindu worshipper Old lday The devotees come from far for worshiping holy river Narmada



hindu devotee praying Omkareshwar Madhya PradeshTribal woman from Jabhua



Omkareshwar Temple Madhya Pradesh Ghats Travel photosThe morning light



Indian lovers Valentine's day Narmada Madhya PrdaeshLove blooms in Narmada


Have you visited to Omkareshwar? Do you have a story or picture to share? 🙂


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  1. So beautiful and the people were amazing when I was there in 94 and again in 96 on the way from Himachal to Hampi. Three days turned into three weeks. It’s still my favourite place in india but alas, no rocks to climb.
    I hope it hasn’t changed too much. The saddhu’s were really friendly, and the children, wow, talk about touched by god. I can still see thier happy smiling faces and hear thier sweet little voices “Hari om, Hari om”

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