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Heritage bunglow stay in Kausani

Kausani, a small hill station in Kumaon has always  been a resort for artists, painters, poets, saints and now a home for new age travelers and photographers . Even Mahatama Gandhi couldn’t escape the charm of  Kausani and he ended up comparing Kausani with Switzerland which is not an exaggeration at all.  The elegance of Kausani increased many folds when I turned up the pages of golden history in a heritage bungalow named ‘Aashritha’ situated at Kausani estate.


Evening hues at Aashritha Kausani


Aashritha, means ‘somebody who gives shelter’ which stood true to its name, it  not only give the shelter but the comfort of home cooked food and stay. In the middle of all the action Aashritha is close to the main market and Anashakti Ashram . What I loved most about the location is my long morning walks to tea garden while spotting Himalayan birds on my way.



Aashritha KausaniHeritage bunglow stay in Kausani


The Bungalow has three levels and each level has two rooms. The rooms at first and second floor are much quieter with extended balcony carved with beautiful patterns on the grills. The wooden floors give an idyllic look to this 80 years old bungalow.  My favorite spot was the swing in the garden on which I spent hours gazing the panoramic view of monsoon clouds playing with Himalayas. The memories are still afresh, drenched in the rain.



Aashritha Kausani heritage homestay


Ajay, who is the caretaker of bungalow, is an avid traveller, trekker, trainer and a great host.  He comes with more than 20 years of experience in service industry which makes him understand the nerves and souls of travelers/consumers.  Born in the hills of Nainital, he has great recommendations for his guests to explore hidden gems of Kumaon. If you are interested to explore the treks around, he can arrange it for you with the help of his expert team.


Pets allowed in property


Another fabulous thing about Aashritha is, it not only welcome you but embrace your pets as well. Rocket is the permanent resident of Aashritha, he has been a great companion for me in my lazy morning walks.  Let it be food, warmth of people or having a pet around, Aashritha makes you feel at home.  Bonfire party at night would definitely lead to some warm conversation and a great way to meet travellers from different parts of the country.  I will highly recommend you stay here, specially when the sky is clear, you would have a divine view of Trishul, Panchachuli and Nanda Devi.

Here you may learn more about Aashritha http://www.aashrithakausani.com/



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      1. Definitely going to come and stay when we come to India next.
        Moreover,I can relive the moments and memories from my last stay.

  1. The unhindered view of the majestic mountains is possible without a curtain of the clouds between the gazer and the gazed. A fleeting or a whiff of clouds may add beauty.

    A tourist who deserts the hot searing plains in summer for cool climes can enjoy the weather.

    I am yearning to enjoy the two tourist periods; solace of the mountain view post monsoon and the soothing clime during the summer.

    Kausani dear, I am coming. I surely shall seek shelter in Aashritha.

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