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Live life Queen size in Narendra Bhawan Bikaner

Imagine the juiciest and the most tender kebab you have ever had in your life and now combine it with an exotic cocktail garnished with a slice of a neatly cut orange, sound delicious? Isn’t it? That’s what I felt when I lived in this beautiful confluence of an extraordinary heritage property with a well-crafted contemporary interior. Narendra Bhawan in Bikaner has everything to offer to a modern traveller; who is willing to flip the pages of history but at the same time but also wants to indulge in opulence, luxury and a hip ambience.


Narendra Bhawan Bikaner

Narendra Bhawan Bikaner



Carefully decorated Narendra Bhawan foretells the story of the last living king of Bikaner, Maharaja Narendra Singh, on each nook and corner of the propoerty- the art gallery, the well-preserved swords, the vintage cars and the photographs of his forefathers. Spend a couple of moments sitting on the jharokhas or lay down on the charpoys, and soon you would be taken into the era of Rajaputana Kingdom. However, what really appealed to me the most is the burst of colors of red and purple in the lobby and drawing room, which blows life into the old property.


Narendra Bhawan Bikaner

Narendra Bhawan Bikaner

Narendra Bhawan Bikaner









The four-storied building has super cozy rooms with modern amenities, three dinning areas and a breathtaking rooftop pool to send cools in the heat of Rajasthan. The front façade of the hotel appeared inviting in the very first glimpse and so did the courteous staff that welcomed me with the roll of drums; it made me feel like an actual queen. But that was just the beginning; Narendra Bhawan knows how to make their guests feel special every time.


Narendra Bhawan BikanerNarendra Bhawan Bikaner






Food has a special place in my life, and my taste-buds were thrilled with the alternate flavor of local Rajasthani cuisine and spread of continental cuisine. From kebabs to meat-kadi; from kher-sangri to mutton burger and from Rasmalai to freshly baked chocolate cake; each item on the menu was served to the perfection. It still makes my mouth water when I think of the Rasmalai there which was easily the best I have ever had. Apart from the traditional dining, I could also experience the ‘Royal museum’ dinner and a beautiful evening for desert fine dining by the lake; matched with equally good tunes of the flute and the aroma of freshly barbequed chicken. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that food here is an epitome of perfection, served with utmost love and care.


Narendra Bhawan Bikaner











And if you might think all these experiences would burn your pocket, right? You would be surprised to know that the starting packages are so affordable, which is unbelievable for the kind of service and memories Narendra Bhawan creates for its guests. And if I have to pick one thing, I would pick the friendly vibes of Narendra Bhawan; whether it is the chef, the manager or the staff. To add more, the hotel has three cute dogs and one cat, which can make you smile even on your dull day. Well, there are no dull days here, only sunshine, smile and soulful experiences.


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