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Review ASUS Zenfone Zoom Camera

As a travel photographer I need an efficient small camera apart from the DSLR. DSLR are usually bulky and difficult to carry everywhere in that way smart phone cameras are really helpful to capture the moments on the go.

Brunton boatyard Kochi

Brunton boatyard Kochi gives an opportunity to live the glorious past of Fort Kochi and colonial
experience. s I walked through the
lobby watching over the paintings, it made me realized so much has happened in the area
around. Vasco D’Gama found the fabled sea route to the Indies, establishing the spice route
and began the story of glorious past of India.

The secret escape from Shillong

Maple pine Farm Meghalaya

I spent two days at Maple pine exploring the nearby paddy fields, a look at David-scott trail, dam, sacred forest etc, but I was happier being in the farm as the place was just perfect for my immediate needs.

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