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The Ultimate bucket list to travel In India

Exciting times are ahead of us and I will break this fantastic news with you when the time is right. But just to give you a hint, I have already started to prepare a travel bucket-list to reach some of my travel goals this year. I made a promise to myself a couple of years ago that I wouldn’t focus on International travel, till I have experienced India widely and vividly. Though one needs a life time to travel all over India, there are a few places which are on the top of my list and are long pending, due to my personal and professional commitments. While there is a long weekend coming up; let’s see what can I possibly tick off and so should you. I have tried to keep the list quite realistic and mostly off-beat destinations-


  1. Getting comfy in a Himachal Homestay: There is nothing comparable to living in a doll-house like Himachali homes. While Himachal is indeed one of my favorite travel destinations, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about visiting Thirtan valley, since one of my blogger friends has moved her base to Thirthan. Tirthan Valley is easily one of the most breathtaking places in all of Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), this beautiful untouched valley is located right next to the Tirthan river. The season is also perfect right now, when you can see it with blooming flowers all around. To escape not just from a city-life, but also an escape from the more-crowded Himachali getaways or travellers in Delhi, it doesn’t get much better than Tirthan.



2. Camping Lonar crater in Maharasthra– We end up ignoring the places which are nearby and one such place is Lonar Crater, a wonderful natural phenomenon close to Mumbai. The crater was formed when, around 50,000 years ago, a rocky asteroid or an icy comet crashed into an expanse of basaltic rock in what is now called the Deccan plateau in central Maharashtra. The crater measures 1.8 km in diameter and 150 meters in depth, and is now the site of Lonar Lake, an unusually saline water body. The lake – approximately 150 km from Aurangabad – is a popular trekking destination. There are great camping and trekking options by Lonar Crater which are eco-friendly and responsible, ensuring not to harm this wonder of India.


  1. Sipping fresh picked tea in the tea-state of Darjeeling: I have seen Munnar, but I know Darjeeling is different and an ultimate destination for a tea lover. Living in the sprawling tea estates of Darjeeling and waking up in the misty morning and sipping my favorite brew is so dreamy. I am also excited about the tea-tasting sessions there and knowing about the tea varieties there, and let’s hope my taste-buds accept these new flavors.


  1. Photographing Ramnaami Samaj of Chhattisgarh -One of the things I prioritize on my destination-list, in documenting things which are on the verge of being vanished forever in next couple of generations; weather the reason is modernization or an art form which people don’t have skills or money for. Because one never knows how a story can change the destiny. One such interesting tribe and story is of Ramanami Samaj of Chhattisgarh. Low-caste Hindus in the eastern state of Chhattisgarh first began tattooing their bodies and faces more than 100 years ago as an act of devotion and defiance after being denied entry to temples and forced to use separate wells. Ramnamis, as the followers of the Ramnami Samaj religious movement are called, first wrote the Hindu god Ram’s name on their bodies as a message to higher-caste Indians that god is everywhere, regardless of caste.


While the younger generation is not quite inclined towards continuing this trend, I really want to    photograph these beautiful souls which are an epitome of devotion.


  1. Caving in Meghalaya- Krem Liat Prah- Boasting of a series of mysterious tunnel networks, Krem Liat Prah with an approximate length of 31km is the longest natural cave in India. The Aircraft Hangar, an enormous trunk passage, is the dominant feature of Krem Liat prah. I have only seen caves very superficially, but this one allows you to camp inside and explore the hidden natural gems, all you need is the right caving expert. My Khasi friends have been boasting about it for too long, hope this year becomes the year of Caving for me.


Korekol Cave


  1. Night stay in the ghost town of Dhanushkodi I have visited Dhanushkodi earlier but I didn’t have enough time to manage permission to stay in this ghost town. A remote land, covered with white sand, bordered by the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean on either sides at the southern tip of India, Dhanushkodi is a forlorn place. Once a bustling sea port, it is now in ruins after the catastrophic cyclone of 1964, which reduced it to rubbles and approximately 1800 people died.  But the stunning view sand clean beaches make it a tranquil destination to travel; specially for travellers in Chennai.




  1. A yoga Retreat in Gokarna- While Gokarna is known for its cheap accommodation and backpacking options, I was surprised by the Yoga packages and luxury retreat options available in Gokarna. The offseason is the best time to grab off-peak offers and get rejuvenated. I have been thinking about getting a panchkarma done, after ignoring my health for more than a year now. To keep traveling, it is very important to take a few trips which keep reminding you about keeping a good health along with your travel goals. So, Mumbai and Pune Travellers get going to Gokarna on this long weekend.


Gomukasana on the Beach (1)_1264444868


So many things to do and so little time! I wish I could take my little hatchback everywhere with me and travel on the road all by myself. However, I have serious doubts about driving the car alone. Another option is Ola Outstation which seems pretty reliable and affordable going to all these places; also keeping up with its remarkable service.





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