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Things you shouldn’t miss to carry for an International trip


An international trip always gives jitters, no matter how many miles you have travelled. To overcome my fear I made a list for myself, which works as a checklist as well to use for my final packing and I hope you would find it useful as well-


Perfect Travel camera. Okay, so I’m a photographer, and related accessories for me include my laptop with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Earlier I have been carrying Canon5 D mark3 in my travels, but I realize I need a perfect camera for travel, which not only enables me to take picture without spoiling the travel experience but also convenient to pack. Panasonic GX7 camera has been my new companion in all International journeys and I can’t more be happier to carry it everywhere I go.

women photographer India


A universal plug adapter: Nothing is more annoying than arriving at your destination and realizing that you’re not going to be able to plug in your laptop, phone, especially when I need to charge multiple things at one time. In fact having an extension cord with a universal charger has been my solution to charge it all at once, so that next day my batteries, phone and laptop are ready and I don’t need to sit at coffee shops just to charge my devices.


Travel documents: I am still trying to find the most efficient way to save my all travel documents electronically at one place, may be an app can help. But as of now I am doing fine with a very basic plastic folder which can keep my passport, tickets, visas, boarding passes and money efficiently.


Forex card: One thing which has always bothered me is to carry foreign currency, exchanges the same at airports despite if I am late and not able to shop in case I don’t have enough cash. For all my problems the one atop solution was to get an Indus Forex card, which doesn’t only work in the shops as well as at VISA ATMs abroad to get that country’s local currency.



Clothing: I don’t need to look like diva while traveling; I need to be comfortable and smart. I always choose a common color palette for your clothing to mix and match ensembles without feeling like I am wearing the same thing over and over. I usually pack 5-6 sets of clothes for 25-30 days of travel.


how to Dress smart while travelling


Shoes: I always take the liberty to pack a variety when it comes to shoes, for walking, trekking and also something fashionable yet comfortable in case I plan to go for a party. The golden rule is ‘no new shoes’! So maximum3 pairs, all flat and comfortable.


Positive attitude: Traveling is not always about good memories and at times you meet people who have very different perspective and opinions from you. But one thing, which could turn the bad events into good memories, is having a positive attitude, not matter what is the situation like. So Relax, and soak it all in. Plan your travel agenda with contingencies so that if things go wrong (and they just might), the result isn’t catastrophic.


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