20 of my best travel photos from the temples of Cambodia

20 of my best travel photos from the temples of Cambodia
20 of my best travel photos from the temples of Cambodia
20 of my best travel photos from the temples of Cambodia

On my first day at Siemreap, I was clueless as to how many days I would need when it came to photographing the temples and surroundings. My options were to buy a one day pass, three days’ pass or 7 days’ pass. While I am more into photographing people, I didnt want to miss the ‘must do things’ being in Cambodia. Watching a sunrise at Angkor Wat, have a face to face in Bayon temple or the famous ‘Ta phrom’ temple where Julia Roberts was filmed for ‘Eat Pray and love’.

While, there is no limit about the amount of time one should spend photographing these temples, as the possibilities are limit-less if you want to create an in-depth photo collection about the cravings and architecture. The coffee table book at the airport set my expectations right.  I ended up having a three days pass and explored one day by Tuk-tuk for small circuit, one day by bi-cycle and last day tuk-tuk again to the big circuit for seeing the river-bed carvings at Banteay Srei.   So I believe these are main attraction , however the beauty resides in finding the moments of peace while you are on a run visiting temple one after another. There are active temples where you may find monks praying early morning or in the evenings, and that was my focus in trip, to know more about the lives of monk and Buddhist culture.  Here are some my favorite travel photos of Cambodia, I rarely shoot in black and white but somehow it fits aptly when it comes to shooting the old-school charm of temples of Cambodia.

Ankor wat on a cloudy day

The ritual to cleanse your soul, Angkor Wat

The huge tumblers around monk houses

The dancing apsara carvings at the walls of Angkor wat

A girl dressed in the attire of Apsara, Angkor Wat

Back stage room, temple pub, Apsara dance

Bayon temples, and unrecognized faces from far

The smiling face at bayon temple

More from Bayon

Monks on a walk, Bayon

The giant sculptures forming the railings of the causeway, South Gate

Ruins and children’s play

Young monks, Angkor

Tourists posing for a pictures, temple complex

In awe of carvings, Angkor wat

Horse ride at Angkor Wat

Hope this article would be helpful to portray what Cambodia has got for you to offer? 🙂