Incredible experience of Meghalaya In photos

Incredible experience of Meghalaya In photos
Incredible experience of Meghalaya In photos

Meghalaya the ‘abode of cloud’, a state rich in culture, nature and natural resources.  I traveled to Khasi and Jaintia hills, and how badly I wanted to explore Garo-hills as well.  After listening to the warning from different people, I decided to go solo and figure out the hidden treasure of this beautiful state. Since childhood, we know Cherapunji or also known as ‘Sohra’ for the heaviest rainfall, and sadly that’s the only thing we could learn from our school education about this mystical part of our country.

The wonderful thing about Meghalaya is mountains, water bodies and most importantly people. While Shilong is modern and has filled with cool cafes and music, the areas beyond are serene, still unexplored.  Here are some of the incredible experiences of Meghalaya In photos

Eat while you float in the cleanest river


Swim in the emerald water


Walk on the Living root tree bridges

Make bamboo part of your life

Stay in your dream home

Knowing the life of mountain dwellers


Experience the monsoon in a country side


Live rural

Experience Farm stay at maple-pine


Make friends with the adorable kids in Meghalaya

Explore Jaintia hills on a road trip

Know the local practices  of fishing, well not so clean

Go for Fishing with the colourful ladies of Megghlaya

Soak in the beauty of landscape at a monolithic site

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