At Mahabalipuram the 20 feet high and 5 meter wide rock estimated to weigh over 250 tons seems to pull off a balancing act like no other. Known locally as Krishna’s Butter Ball is not a rock that stands on an extremely small and slippery area of a hill.


Narrating the glorious tale of this City of Palaces, the Mysore Palace is among the grandest of India’s royal buildings. The seat of Wodeyar maharajas, this beautiful palace is embellished by mosaic floors, carved wooden doors and a series of paintings depicting life here during the Edwardian Raj era.


I rolled down the window of the car, let my hair lose and feel the breeze on my face. There was a permanent smile, which sat on my lips; an affirmation for Mr. Mohan that I am living in the moment. As I lay my tired eyes on the cool blue color of Chittar Lake, Mr. Mohan pointed out Anantya on the other side of the lake. And I took a deep breath seeing the spectacular view!

We are often in such a rush, following a touristy trail or following a lonely planet guide that we forget to stop and feel, and let your senses fully awake to observe, and to know the soul of the place. What we come back with us is souvenirs, books, photos and stories, but how often do we remember the smell of a place?

There are so many travel apps and travel start up with plethora of information, it becomes extremely difficult to manage it all, especially when you are traveling abroad.

Bali is a paradise for a family vacation – the umpteen number of children and pet friendly resorts, rich culture and delicious food makes it a perfect get-a-way for a family vacation.

I made a promise to myself a couple of years ago that I wouldn’t focus on International travel, till I have experienced India widely and vividly. Though one needs a life time to travel all over India, there are a few places which are on the top of my list and are long pending, due to my personal and professional commitments

Imagine the juiciest and the most tender kebab you have ever had in your life and now combine it with an exotic cocktail garnished with a slice of a neatly cut orange, sound delicious?

Eastern Europe is a hidden paradise- Bulgaria, Georgia, Poland and Hungary are much less explore than the western countries and promises more pristine natural beauty and lesser tourists.

A particular section had lots of bats and I started to imagine the scene from Batman Begins and visualizing myself as Bruce Wayne!