The smell of the travel

The smell of the travel
The smell of the travel
The smell of the travel

The smells we encounter on the road probably rate as our most intense­ and lingering travel experiences, but often, it gets overshadowed by our other senses. We are often in such a rush, following a touristy trail or following a lonely planet guide that we forget to stop and feel, and let your senses fully awake to observe, and to know the soul of the place. What we come back with us is souvenirs, books, photos and stories, but how often do we remember the smell of a place?

In my opinion, nothing can beat smelling the freshly brewed coffee as you sit on an armchair to watch the rain in mountains; or the smell of sandalwood from the temples with the humming of prayer. There are many strong and memorable fragrances that I could be blindfolded, and I would know where I am being taken. Somehow when you find a similar fragrance you are almost taken back to the beautiful memories you have associated to that place. I guess that’s how our brain and senses function. Recently I have been picking up freshener for my car Godrej Aer Click and its different fragrances reminded of the places I have had some wonderful travel memories.

Tangy smell of Thailand – Thailand, the land of curries, aroma and lemon grass. While people love to describe their experiences eating Thai food, I love to think about the smell of rice, fried pork, shrimp, and lemongrass-lime aroma and once I even got the opportunity to cook it on an exclusive cooking class in Phuket, probably one of the most satisfying lunch in Thailand to cook and smell the tangy ingredients by the sea side. One whiff of the citrusy bright tangy delight from Godrej took me back to the memory of a burst of orange while cooking.


Wildflower of England– I was lucky to live closer to the countryside of England for almost a year and escape from my boring room to explore the wilds with my camera, I was immediately taken back by the Godrej Aer rich Irish cocktail. After the harsh cold winter when the spring comes the pathways are covered with beautiful little flowers, however, the smell of wild purples flowers is all I remember now.

Sea corals in Jordan– One thing I strongly remember apart from the first view of Petra is the smell of the red-sea in Jordan. Going for a boat ride, jumping into the sea and then floating above the corals and to see and smell life underwater; These beautiful memories came flooding back when I sampled the cool surf blue fragrance at the supermarket the other day.

First rain in Cambodia– Tired from the temple run of Siem Reap, I asked a tuk-tuk to help me escape from people, temples and all those touristy traps. A ride with the breeze in hair, and the smell of fresh grass was probably a fascinating memory I have from Cambodia. This perfectly typifies the fragrance of the fresh lush green Godrej Aer.

The smell of love in Paris– Roses in the hand, kisses on cheeks and love in the air, that’s Paris for you. The smell of fresh roses on the restaurants, alleys and flower shops are so dominant that it definitely makes you feel, this is the city of love. And what can be more romantic than the beautiful pink petal crush from Godrej Aer!


Well, so the next time you travel follow your nose and then relive those fragrances in your memory every time you take a drive with Godrej Aer…

Please note some of the pictures used in post are not mine.