Why I blog?

Why I blog?
Why I blog?
Why I blog?

It has been almost two years since I started writing blogs. I often think about what made me start a blog? Why I blog?

Do I consider myself a good writer? No, but I aspire to be one. I want to read as many books as I can, and get inspired from the words of good authors. Though, I prefer small chunks of knowledge which is easily digestible.

Am I a good photographer? I love photography, that’s the one thing which keeps me happy, upbeat and satiates the creative thirst inside me. But I don’t know if I am a good photographer or not! I want to be a good story teller through visuals.

So why did I start a blog? To earn money, to earn fame, to lead a life of travel? The answer is ‘No’. I knew it very well, blogging is hard work. I am not that big a writer who expects to earn a lot from lucrative assignments from big publications. Talking about fame, I would have definitely chosen something else, blogging is a long term task . To lead a life of travel? I was aware that it could lead me to some of the opportunities in travel industry but if only things work really well and indeed it did. But you don’t need a blog for traveling ; it’s an experience you might choose to share or not; like any other aspect of your life.

So why did I start blogging? I started blog to communicate. I don’t consider myself a good communicator and I am picky when it comes to choosing people I communicate with. At times I am extremely chatty with great description and details that people can imagine it through my eyes. And sometimes I don’t even kickstart a conversation.

When you are picky, you have less choices and we end up communicating most things only to ourselves. And no matter how many friends and followers we have, we all are a bunch of lonely people. Waiting to be heard, share and know each other. Conversations elate me and also depresses me quicker than anything else. I am not the type who likes casual conversations, I like intense, deep thoughts in which you reveal yourself as a person, your dreams, your darkness, layer by layer.

For me it is a space to welcome people to my world, to let people know what I think, to find new virtual friends who resonate the same thoughts, to come out of my fears of being judged, to stand by my opinions strongly, to say it out aloud.

I remember as a child, I tried to keep a personal diary many times. I used to write a few pages and then I used to find them too revealing about my private side and used to tear the pages. It wasn’t about writing any dark secrets, it was about the simple things like seeing the rain from my the window or digging the backside of garden in search of hidden treasures or how my teacher loved me when I scored 100 in mathematics, how I feel about a particular friend of mine when she used to bring my favorite things in her lunch box, how I used to feel when my brother sent me greeting cards before exams to wish me luck, how evil my neighbor was and many more such bitter and sweet memories but I didn’t want anyone to read them. I just didn’t like to share my thought!

I needed to break that wall. To come out as a person who should talk in the online and offline worlds, who should express opinions, who should do what she believes in; in spite of being an average writer and an above average photographer I started on the journey of blogging without any motives except to break this wall. And just to let my thoughts flow.

For me, blogging is something to adjoin two of the things I am most passionate about- Travel and photography. It gives me a constant trigger to follow my passion. Every morning I open my blog and I feel good about it. It is something I have created for my small world. It has all my dreams, my passions, my travels, my photography perfectly organized the way I want it to be. I feel positive seeing this baby looking neat, smiling and beautiful. It’s like having a diary which I am not ashamed of; which I don’t need to hide from the world. So why do I blog? To dream, to achieve, to share..

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