What’s your style of travelling?

I travel for photography and at times I keep my camera aside just to live the moment. I prefer solo travelling and mostly off-beat places which are culturally rich. I prefer to travel slow so that I can spend sufficient time with the locals, know their stories and translate them into my pictures and writing.

How did you learn photography?

I am a self-taught photographer, and after five years of journey, I am completely obsessed about photography. I believe in the power of images from Travel to documentary everything excites me about photography and the challenges it brings along.

My Project ‘Women of India‘ reflects my unwavering belief that how Images can change the world.

Can I travel with you?

Yes, if you are a photography enthusiast who is serious about photography and happy to organise your own trip. I would prefer someone who might help me with local dialect and know about the places for photography.

Can I learn photography from you?

I conduct one to one Skype sessions for the students who are not able to attend the workshop, please feel free to drop an email [email protected]

I have added a ‘Tips and Inspiration’ section to help the amateur photographer to learn about technical as well as the business of Travel blogging and photography. I would be happy to answer your queries about specific topics.

Also, I have started a photography group especially for Women Photographers to exchange ideas, conduct discussion and talk about work and assignments. If you are serious about photography and can keep up the rules of the group, please join

Indian Women Photographers

Which photography equipment do you use?

I am a Canon user and use Canon 5 D Mark 3 and  Canon 550 D, F4 24-70 mm, prime lens F1.8 50 mm and Canon L series F4.5 70-200 mm. For editing the pictures I use Mac Book Pro i5,  Adobe lightroom, Photo mechanics and Adobe Photoshop CC. I also have Panasonic GH4, which is a small medium format camera and my all time travel companion.

Do you take Travel Photography assignments?

Yes I take up freelancing travel and writing assignments. I am working with different tourism brands and travel companies for their requirement of writing and photography content. I also write and photograph for different publications. My documentary and travel work has been published in BBC, Al jazeera, Hindu Business Line, Der Spiegel, The Diplomat,  Asian Age,  Femina, Outlook India, Scroll, Quartz, etc.

Do you do workshops or seminars?

I am a Canon India Photo mentor and conduct quaterly Workshops with them. I am open to collaborate with travel companies for workshop, photography tours and seminars. I am happy to do public speaking on various travel and photography related topics.

 Can you review/critique my portfolio, tell me what you think and give me some tips?

I am happy to do so when I get time and provide my honest opinion. But before that, please analyze your work yourself thoroughly. Think about your strong and weak points and provide a brief of what exactly do you want me to do. Here is a section dedicated to providing Tips and Inspiration for amateurs to help them understand the business and art of photography. Also, you may do the submission directly to Indian Women Photographers FB group.

Which Camera should I buy?

I have often been asked this question and honestly speaking I can only advocate the camera which I have personally used. And for any other camera/brand I would research on internet which is not any more efficient than what you might do.

Can you review our property, food and brand?

Yes, as travelers, we all need places to stay and technology to connect. Like any other professional, I charge fee for providing you with photography and writing related content as per the amount of work for your profitable organization. For non-profitable organizations, I am happy to learn and work for the benefit of all. Please check review section to have more understanding about my previous associations.