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Work with me
Work with me

I believe in capturing the soulful moments and weave those with interesting stories. My travels are inspired from culture, nature and ancient traditions around the world. My blog ‘DA Travelography’ has been consistently ranked among the top blog of India by various media/travel forums.

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Monthly views 10,000 +

Facebook 14,000 +

Instagram 14,000 +

Twitter  4,000 +

Below are the collaborations offered by me:

As a Freelance Photographer- As an inquisitive photographer and mentor (with Canon India), I am always ready to embrace the challenges of Photography. The focus of my travel photography is culture, people and nature. I believe in digging the untold stories and serve it with thought provoking pictures.

I mostly work on my personal self-funded projects depending upon what interests me, it could be chasing nomads in Gujarat or researching about the life of Buddhist nuns. I believe in going out there and creating the work that I am passionate and excited about.

Please explore the Travel Photos and Photo Stories section to know more about my work.

Blogging trips –  I immensely enjoy exploring lesser known off beat destinations to bring back unique stories of natural beauty and human interactions.I have been part of blogging trips with Thailand Tourism, Taiwan Tourism, Jordan Tourism, Madhya Pradesh Tourism, Kerala Tourism to name a few and have created meaningful content together for my highly engaged readers. 

Photography tours – I conduct personalised photography tours as well as group tours in collaboration with the travel companies. If you are associated to a travel company or corporate group, we can work togther to curate and conduct an interesting photography trip for your clients.

As an Influencer  – Social media is a part of my life that I thoroughly enjoy. With a reach of over 14,000 users on Facebook and approximately 3500 on Twitter and 14000 on Instagram of highly interactive users has helped me create a niche for my brand. I would be happy to collaborate with the brands which reflects my personal style and values. 

As a Travel Writer –Pictures dominate my writing as well, I believe in creating a visual treat along with high quality content. I have been writing for several travel forums and some of my work has been published in print and digital media. You may find out more about my published content at Media and Links.

Speaking Engagements – Being a solo woman traveller and photographer, I believe in sharing my knowledge on different platforms to allow more and more people to gain perspective in the field of travel and photography, which is still a rare choice of career among women. I have recently been part of Women Travel and Empowerment Conference in Malaysia and spoke about my project ‘Women of India’.

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